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Cost of Surgery

The cost is made up of four different fees.

The surgical fee covers your surgery and all postoperative follow-up appointments. It also covers dressings used in the practice and, if a garment is required, the cost of one garment. You are responsible for the cost of extra garments. As you can imagine, the fee will vary based on the complexity of the procedure you choose.

The anaesthetist fee covers the cost of your consultation with the anaesthetist on the day of your surgery and the anaesthetist’s services during your procedure.

The hospital fee covers all your care for the amount of time in hospital scheduled and includes dressings. Depending on the hospital you choose, you may also be charged for your take-home medication. Each hospital sets its own fees and one hospital may be more expensive than another.

The implant fee covers the cost of any implants used in your surgery.

The cost of your surgery

The cost of your surgery will vary depending on your health, your needs and your wishes.

Your choice of hospital will play a role, as will the decision as to what kind of anaesthetic is most appropriate and how long you will need to stay in hospital.

Your procedure will be tailored to meet your individual requirements and the costs will reflect those choices.

Combined procedures

Please keep in mind that combined procedures (for example a face lift and neck lift together) will be less costly than having the procedures separately, as there will be only one hospital stay and one anaesthetic.

The following should give you an idea of the range of fees for each procedure. Once you have decided on surgery, you will receive a detailed quotation that reflects the actual cost of your surgery.

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