Ear reshaping Otoplasty

The goals of ear surgery are to move prominent ears closer to the head and/or to make ears more attractive by reducing their size or improving their shape.

The shape and size of the ears can be a source of concern in terms of the aesthetic balance of the facial features.

The reasons why ears can be appearing more prominent in some people than others combine position, size and shape, and can be combined with the shape and prominence of the ear lobes.

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At the time of the consultation it is important to find out regarding your medical history and any health problems that may affect the operation.

With regards to the ears, the assessment includes evaluation of the shape and size of the ears, and the components that create prominence and asymmetry.

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In children, ear reshaping surgery or otoplasty is usually carried out under general anaesthetic. In adults it is possible to carry out the surgery under a local anaesthetic, local anaesthetic combined with intravenous sedation or a general anaesthetic.

Depending on the technique discussed at the consultation, the cartilage of the ears may be reduced or remodelled.

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At the end of the surgery, the ears will be covered individually with small dressings which are typically worn for the first week.

It is advisable to wear a tennis headband or equivalent compression during nighttime and any contact sports for the first 8 weeks after the surgical intervention. This is in order to prevent the ears from being pushed forward whilst they are still settling.

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In terms of anaesthesia related risks, when the operation is carried out using a local anaesthetic, the problems are mostly associated with allergy. It is important to mention to your surgeon whether you had any such adverse reactions in the past so that the plan can be tailored to your needs.

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