Cheek implants Malar augmentation

Malar augmentation uses implants, usually made of synthetic material, to make cheek bones more prominent and give better definition to the face.

The development of the mid-face can have significant impact in the balance and appearance of the facial features.

We often feel that people with defined cheekbone areas have strong or elegant facial features, and it is appealing to consider this type of harmonisation for the facial balance.

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The goal of consultations related to malar augmentation is to establish the value of possible changes in the mid-face volume, as well as the balancing effect that it can have on the overall appearance of the face.

Some of the medical problems can affect the outcome of surgery and you should discuss with your surgeon regarding any previous medical conditions that have affected you.

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Cheek augmentation or malar augmentation surgery is normally carried out under a general anaesthetic, and typically as a day case.

The implants are usually contoured before being placed, in principle to allow for improvement in the symmetry of the facial features.

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Following cheek augmentation surgery some swelling in the mid-face is to be expected, and it is sometimes associated with temporary numbness on the sides of the nose or upper lip.

The most important element in the after-care for cheek implants is to minimise the risk of infection and wound dehiscence or wound gaping.

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A general anaesthetic represents a small risk in relation to any surgery. This should be discussed with the anaesthetist so that you feel informed and comfortable prior to the operation.

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