Neck Lift

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Neck lift aesthetics

Neck lift is a popular procedure that can make a significant difference to a person’s appearance, helping them to achieve the look they want with minimal risk and recovery time.

Like a statue that is made more beautiful by an elegant pedestal, a well-defined jawline helps to frame the face. Unfortunately a combination of ageing, sun damage, and personal characteristics such as bone structure, fatty tissue, and neck musculature can all create the effect of the face simply sinking into the neckline without a clear contour.

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Anatomy of the neck lift

There are four key ways in which anatomical variation can contribute to the appearance of the neck and it is through these that a surgeon may help a patient make significant changes to their personal aesthetic.

Excess volume in the neck can make the chin look fuller and the jawline less well-defined, as can reduced development of the jawbone and chin, the laxity of the skin which increases with age, and the appearance of platysma bands.

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Planning for neck lift

Identifying the specific aspects of the appearance which could be changed through neck contouring, liposuction, fat transfer and other procedures can help facilitate the conversation between patient and surgeon in order to achieve a more accurate design and outcome for neck lift surgery.

A good appreciation of the desired changes, detailed clarification of risks and benefits of the procedure are also vital to reaching an informed decision for patients, as well as making the experience manageable and positive.

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The neck lift procedure

A neck lift procedure is usually performed under General Anaesthetic or sometimes under sedation, with smaller interventions being suitably carried out as a day surgery with no overnight stay and a quick recovery.

More extensive neck contouring procedures do require an overnight stay and more complex follow-up care and patients will have adequate opportunity to go over the details of their procedures prior to deciding about and scheduling surgery.

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Recovery after
neck lift surgery

There are a number of factors to consider during the recovery from a neck lift procedure, including the need for drains and antibiotics, removal of sutures, pain medication where needed, and also the speed with which normal work and exercise routines can be reinstated.

All of these depend both on the procedure itself and the patients’ health and progress after surgery.

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Risks and possible complications

The risks associated with a neck lift procedure are, in large part, similar to other types of surgery. The use of general anaesthetic poses a problem for a small number of patients in terms of adverse reactions and the development of deep vein thrombosis.

Infection is also a possibility with any type of surgery, and although in most instances prompt treatment leads to healing with no scarring, in general terms infection may complicate the scarring resulting from surgery. Other considerations may include abnormal sensation in the skin after neck lift surgery, or nerve damage in the face or neck.

Since the two sides of our body are not identical, symmetry after surgery is never perfect even if some natural asymmetries can be improved upon.

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