Gynecomastia Male breast reduction

Technically known as Gynaecomastia, enlarged breasts in men is a condition that is actually quite common and can be treated effectively by surgery.

Gynaecomastia is the situation where there is excessive breast development in men, either on one side or both sides of the chest.

Breast tissue is normally present in men, but typically represents a very small tissue volume that does not change the contour of the chest.

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During the consultation your surgeon will try to establish whether there are any medical conditions that may have determined the overdevelopment of breast tissue, or indeed that may create problems in relation to the treatment plan.

If you have not had an endocrinology examination prior to the consultation for surgery, it is advisable to undertake one.

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Gynaecomastia is a significant operation and is typically carried out under a general anaesthetic. Local anaesthetic with intravenous sedation is also a suitable option.

In most instances liposuction is the first part of the intervention as the volume reduction typically includes the front of the chest and the sides of the chest below the armpit where there is frequently an aggregation of fatty tissue.

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Following the surgical treatments for male breast reduction or gynecomastia, elasticated compression garment is often useful to reduce the swelling and help contour the treatment areas.

If drains are used after surgery, they are typically removed within a day or two after the operation.

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The anaesthetic is a source of risk with any type of surgery including male breast reduction but fortunately the level of risk is extremely low.

Bleeding is also a risk, common to all types of surgery, and in the case of gynaecomastia is more relevant with open correction, as it may prompt a return to the operating theatre.

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