Addressing asymmetry, restoring breast shape and volume after pregnancy, and improving a woman’s self confidence in her appearance.

Breast implants

Breast augmentation surgery can rectify poor breast shape and restore a more balanced appearance, along with giving a woman a boost in confidence as her outward image once more reflects her inner feelings.

Breast implants size and shape are important considerations during breast augmentation planning as are scarring, placement, and after-care.

Some women choose breast augmentation following surgery for breast cancer in order to restore their natural curves.

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Cup Size

Breast cup size is not an exact measurement and so careful discussion is required during breast augmentation consultation to determine the desired breast implant volume.

Various techniques can be used to demonstrate the likely effect of different breast implant sizes but it is important to recognise that cup size is useful for general guidance only and does no reflect exact breast volume either for existing breast tissue or after getting breast implants.

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Planning for breast enlargement

Careful planning is of benefit for any project, and most certainly will pay its dividends in breast augmentation.

The effort of the surgery is to provide each woman with a carefully tailored enhancement, and that relies on putting together several variables, relating to the safety of the operation, the woman's preferences for shape and size, considerations regarding implant manufacturers, and the longevity of the result.

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Breast enlargement procedure

The surgical procedure for breast augmentation usually involves general anaesthetic and several weeks of recovery, important factors to consider when planning breast implants.

There are various options to discuss with your surgeon, such as the size, shape, type, and placement of breast implants.

Different models have different advantages and limitations as does the positioning of the implants underneath the muscle or within the breast tissue itself.

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Recovering after breast enlargement

Recovery after breast augmentation surgery varies between individuals, affected by general health, the success of the procedure, the positioning of the implants, and other factors.

There are many ways to improve surgical success and shorten recovery times, such as quitting smoking, staying well nourished and hydrated, and following advice concerning dressings, drains, and return to work and exercise.

Understanding the potential risks of breast augmentation surgery is a key part of the planning process.

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Risks and possible complications

Breast augmentation, like any surgery, has associated risks such as infection, bleeding, scarring, and problems with anaesthesia.

There are also specific risks associated with these procedures including implant rotation and migration, difficulties with sensation in the breast and nipple, and possible rippling or rupture of the implants.

Breast augmentation complications are rare however and improvements in techniques for breast augmentation mean that the risks are lower now than ever before.

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Long term considerations

There are a number of factors to consider when making the decision to undergo breast augmentation surgery.

Following surgery involving breast implants, cancer screening may require an alternative approach and women who may become pregnant after breast augmentation surgery will want to ensure they understand the possible complications of breast implants and breastfeeding.

Removal and replacement of breast implants is a further consideration as the longevity of different implant types varies.

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