Chin remodelling Chin Augmentation

By augmenting an overly small chin or reducing a disproportionately large one, chin remodeling can bring your features into better, more attractive balance.

Facial aesthetics depend significantly on the balance between the features of the upper, mid-face and lower face.

Because of this, for instance characteristics may be over-emphasised or partially masked because of overbearing adjacent features.

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At the time of the consultation it is important to appreciate some of the general health conditions that may require an adaptation of the surgical plan.

During the examination, important evaluations need to be made related to the development of the mid-face and lower face, upper-hand lower jaw, relationship between the teeth in the upper and lower jaw.

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Both chin reduction and chin augmentation are typically carried out under a general anaesthetic. Normally, this takes place as a day case although some people choose to stay in hospital overnight.

Interventions can be carried out either through an access incision inside the mouth, or one placed under the chin.

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When the chin remodelling surgery takes place through an incision placed inside the mouth, chewing places tension on the suture line and can lead to the wound breaking down.

For this reason it is very important to adhere to a strict soft diet for the first week after the operation.

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The risk of bleeding is relatively low and typically means more significant bruising for some patients. It is important to avoid the rubbing the chin in the early stages after surgery as this can lead to increased bruising and swelling.

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