Breast uplift Mastopexy

For women whose breasts have begun to droop, breast uplift surgery can restore a more pleasing shape.

Breast uplift surgery or mastopexy, addresses concerns related to either ageing of the breasts or variations after significant weight loss such as during and after pregnancy.

It is possible to restore a more youthful appearance of the breasts both by reducing the skin and the lobe, reshaping the breast and resorting volume depending on the characteristics that need to be adjusted.

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At the time of the consultation it is important to understand aspects of the medical history that may influence the decision regarding the mastopexy procedure as well as the course of management.

Smoking is a particularly problematic issue in relation to breast uplift or mastopexy as it can lead damage to the areola and breast skin and poor results.

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Breast uplift or mastopexy surgery is a significant procedure that normally takes place under general anaesthetic.

Having marked the design of the operation, before the surgery, the surgeon will then carry out a reduction in the skin and the lobe and repositioning of the nipple areola without detaching it from the breast tissue.

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Following the breast uplift or mastopexy surgery the drain tubes are removed either on the morning following the operation or a few days later if there is more significant fluid collecting in the drains.

In general terms a first intervention for breast uplift tends to be associated with minimal drainage and it is rare to require a more prolonged use of the drains.

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A general anaesthetic on it's own carries a small risk irrespective of the type of surgery associated with it. You can discuss this aspects in more detail with the anaesthetist but overall in this age general anaesthesia is considered to be very safe.

Bleeding is approximately 1% or 2% risk after mastopexy surgery and will mandate return to the operating theatre to wash out the blood clots.

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