Chemical peelAHA & TCA Peels

Chemical peel procedures use a chemical solution to remove damaged outer layers of skin and reveal the smoother, clearer skin beneath.

The appearance of the skin is an immediate messenger that tells about our age, health tiredness through problems like facial lines, uneven pigmentation blemishes and acne scarring.

Chemical peels have been designed to try and address some of these problems by removing the outer layer of the skin which allows for the subsequent healing to improve the appearance.

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During the chemical peel consultation, it is important to have a general overview of your health, previous skin treatments and allergic reactions.

The characteristics of the skin in terms of colour and oiliness are an important decision factor.

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In the case of an AHA peel, the skin may sting and feel somewhat irritated and red. These symptoms subside quickly and usually return to work is within 24 hours.

For the TCA peel, application of local anaesthetic for 30 to 45 minutes prior to treatment can help make the procedure more comfortable.

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In the case of an AHA peel, mild redness, soreness, dryness of the skin are not usually significant enough to stop you from working or socialising.

This makes the treatment of a lot easier to incorporate in a busy lifestyle. Systematic use of sunblock is recommended.

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There are relatively minor risks associated with AHA peels, and minimal chance of any long-term problems

In the case of TCA peels the risks are described as pain, skin scarring, decreased pigmentation, increased pigmentation, insufficient correction, herpes eruptions.

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