Breast uplift During the consultation

At the time of the consultation it is important to understand aspects of the medical history that may influence the decision regarding the mastopexy procedure as well as the course of management.


Smoking is a particularly problematic issue in relation to breast uplift or mastopexy as it can lead damage to the areola and breast skin and poor results.

Medical history

A family history of breast cancer needs to be understood and if there are problems of this nature, preoperative investigations like mammogram and ultrasound may be required in order to make sure that mastopexy procedure is safe.

Lumps or bumps

The surgeon will asses also the presence of any lumps or bumps in the breast or in the armpit, the breast size, ptosis and symmetry.


Asymmetry is the natural characteristic of the body and the two breasts are never identical. However it is possible to improve the symmetry with surgical interventions to a point where it is less noticeable, but never to eradicate it.

Moderate or significant uplift

Depending on the characteristics of the skin, the breast volume to start with and the target size at the end of the surgery, the mastopexy operation may involve a moderate or significant uplift and therefore more limited or more extensive scars as well as volume augmentation, either using implants or fat transfer.

Procedure stages

The breast uplift procedure can take place as a one or two stage intervention. As two stage procedure typically the uplift is carried out first and in the second stage volume augmentation either using breast implants or fat transfer is carried out typically at 4 to 6 months from the breast uplift operation.

A single stage breast uplift is typically associated with a smaller uplift and a breast implant.


The scars related to mastopexy or breast uplift surgery can be more limited or more extensive depending on the degree of lift operated. There is always a scar around the areola, but in addition to it there may be a vertical one as well as a horizontal one in the crease under the breast.

The extent and placement of the scars are discussed at the time of consultation and explained to you carefully.

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