Breast uplift The operation

Breast uplift or mastopexy surgery is a significant procedure that normally takes place under general anaesthetic.

Reduction and repositioning

Having marked the design of the operation, before the surgery, the surgeon will then carry out a reduction in the skin and the lobe and repositioning of the nipple areola without detaching it from the breast tissue.


The areola is often reduced as part of the procedure. Depending on the procedure plan, apart from reshaping the breast it may involve inserting a breast implant either under the breast or under the pectoral muscle.


Drains are used in conjunction with breast uplift surgery to reduce the chance of bleeding in the operation site and promote healing.

The wounds

The wounds are typically closed with dissolvable sutures which will not require removal and dressings. The dressings tend to stay for the first week and it is possible to wear a supporting bra over them.

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