Breast uplift During your recovery

Following the breast uplift or mastopexy surgery the drain tubes are removed either on the morning following the operation or a few days later if there is more significant fluid collecting in the drains.


In general terms a first intervention for breast uplift tends to be associated with minimal drainage and it is rare to require a more prolonged use of the drains.


The initial dressings applied at the time of the surgery typically stay in place for the first week. This will mean that washing around them is possible but it is necessary to try and keep them dry.

It is possible to wear a supporting bra on top of the drain of the dressings and this is indeed more comfortable for most women. A supporting bra is then recommended for the first 6 weeks after the operation.

Mobilisation and rest

Mobilising during the recovery period as it restores the circulation in the legs and reduces the chance of clots in the leg veins. You should also incorporate a reasonable amount of rest as the surgery often makes people feel tired for the first week or 10 days.


Antibiotics are prescribed for the first week after the surgery and it is recommended to use probiotic in conjunction with them as it reduces the chance of antibiotic related diarrhoea.

Should this occur, it is important to stop the antibiotics an notify your surgeon or your GP so that appropriate measures can be instituted.


Pain after mastopexy surgery tends to be moderate although in the first few days many patients report that they are using both moderate and stronger pain relief medication to feel comfortable.


The scars after surgery are often red in the begging and will require 6 months or sometimes longer to settle adequately. In the beginning for 4 to 6 weeks it is useful to cover them with tapes as this promotes scar maceration and subsequently silicone gel may be of benefit.

Physical activities

Return to work after breast uplift surgery is frequently at 10 to 14 days for office activities slightly longer for more physical activities.

Return to exercises is usually at three weeks, with the progression from light exercises to full scale exercise between three and six weeks.

Young mothers

For young mothers it is important to appreciate that looking after young babies is difficult straight after mastopexy surgery and help at home during the first 10 to 14 days is of significant value.

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