Cheek implantsRecovering after cheek implants surgery

Following cheek augmentation surgery some swelling in the mid-face is to be expected, and it is sometimes associated with temporary numbness on the sides of the nose or upper lip.


The most important element in the after-care for cheek implants is to minimise the risk of infection and wound dehiscence or wound gaping. To do so, soft diet is mandatory in the first week after the surgery.


This is not restricted to liquid diet but involves food that does not require chewing like for instance anything that can be put through a mixer.


Brushing the teeth is another consideration related to the risk of damage to the suture line, and in the beginning it is best avoided in particular for the upper teeth. Using antiseptic mouthwash four times a day reduces the need for brushing the teeth in particular if the food is soft.


Swelling after surgery tends to be moderate and can be improved by resting on two or three pillows at night time.

Return to work

Return to work is usually at two weeks and return to gentle exercise typically three weeks with full scale activity levels at approximately 5 to 6 weeks.

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