Cheek implantsRisks and possible complications


A general anaesthetic represents a small risk in relation to any surgery. This should be discussed with the anaesthetist so that you feel informed and comfortable prior to the operation.


Bleeding is also a risk generally associated with surgery and in the case of cheek implants it is more a concern related to swelling and possibly bruising in the mid-face.


The risk of infection is approximately 1 to 2%, and it can happen even when under antibiotic treatment. It is important to contact your surgeon if you think there is an infection starting, and in particular if you notice increasing swelling and redness or temperature.

Wound breakdown

Wound dehiscence or wound breakdown is also possible in the context of malar augmentation surgery. To reduce this risk, soft diet is an essential part of the early recovery period.


A degree of asymmetry is inevitable for any surgical procedure that involves the two sides of the body or face. The main reason for it is that every aspect of the human body is slightly different on the right and left sides and the surgery cannot fully overcome this aspect.


Pain is usually limited after cheek augmentation surgery and typically well-controlled with mild painkillers.


Numbness in the front of the cheek, the side of the nose or upper lip is possible after cheek implant surgery, but more commonly it is limited to the first 2 to 3 weeks after the operation. Long-term numbness in the same areas is very rare.


Incomplete correction or over correction. When planning for cheek implant surgery, there is significant value to the 3D imaging and simulation. It allows to define the degree of change that feels appropriate for your facial features.

Treatment plan

Inevitably, the treatment plan will never be an exact match of the design but accurate planning reduces the chance of feeling that the operation has become overpowering or that it has achieved too little change.

Implant replacement

It is indeed possible to replace cheek implants for smaller or larger ones, or in instances where small additional volume augmentations would be useful, fat transfer in addition to the implants can be the procedure of choice.

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