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Ethnic rhinoplasty

An operation tailored to you.

In essence, all rhinoplasties are ethnic rhinoplasties, because they take in consideration ethnic characteristics of the nasal shape, skin and facial proportions.

The term has been associated however more with rhinoplasty for population groups with softer nasal contours, like the Afro-Caribbean, the Far Eastern or Pacific Rim populations.

Specific features

Specific features for this nasal shape include often a lower and wider bridge of the nose, wider nasal tip and nostrils (alar base), relatively soft support to the tip of the nose and thicker nasal tip and nostrils skin.

Primary ethnic rhinoplasty

Characteristically, for patients that want just a degree of narrowing of the nostrils, an alar base reduction can achieve a satisfactory correction.

Projected changes

Most of the time however, patients that contemplate rhinoplasty are considering changes in the width and height of the bridge, in width, projection and definition of the tip of the nose.

Surgical options

The typical options in this situation include either using the patient's own tissues in the form of rib cartilage grafts, or using implants like silicone or Medpor to build up the bridge and tip of the nose.

Rib cartilage rhinoplasty

In our experience, we have primarily used rib cartilage grafts combined with thinning of the skin of the tip of the nose and nostrils, as part of an open tip procedure, to generate the reshaping of the bridge, tip and alar base.

Primary ethnic rhinoplasty

This approach allows for more flexibility when it comes to achieving definition around the tip of the nose compared with implants like silicone, and also reduces the risk of infection or implant extruding through the skin (implant coming out through the skin).

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The term has been associated with rhinoplasty for population groups with softer nasal contours, like the Afro-Caribbean, the Far Eastern or Pacific Rim populations.

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