Chin remodellingPlanning chin remodelling

At the time of the consultation it is important to appreciate some of the general health conditions that may require an adaptation of the surgical plan.


During the examination, important evaluations need to be made related to the development of the mid-face and lower face, upper-hand lower jaw, relationship between the teeth in the upper and lower jaw.

3D Imaging

Using 3D imaging and simulation, it is possible to appreciate better from a variety of angles the impact of under or over development of the chin as well as other components of the facial features that may emphasise it.

Using the 3D simulation it is also possible to define better the changes both in terms of horizontal increase or reduction as well as vertical adjustments which contribute to the overall shape of the face.

Chin augmentation

Chin augmentation procedures may involve either placement of an implant to enhance the contour and size of the chin or advancement of the front segment of the lower jaw which supports the chin. In our practice we use Medpor implants for the augmentation.

Chin reduction

Chin reduction poses problems both in terms of the decrease in size of the bone which can be carried out by thinning the size of the bone with a banner or by moving the tip of the chin backwards. However the soft tissues also need attention because of the risk related to sagging pitching point.

At the same time the discussion will cover points related to the surgical technique and the recovery period and associated risks.

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