Chin remodellingDuring the operation

Both chin reduction and chin augmentation are typically carried out under a general anaesthetic. Normally, this takes place as a day case although some people choose to stay in hospital overnight.


Interventions can be carried out either through an access incision inside the mouth, or one placed under the chin.

If for instance the operation takes place together with a facelift or neck lift intervention, the incision would most likely be placed under the chin as it is used at the same time for access to the neck for next contouring.

Chin augmentation

For chin augmentation using an implant, typically, although the general shape of the implant is selected based on the projected 3D changes, the implant needs to be adjusted to fit better each patient.

Once it is adjusted the implant is placed within the pocket that has been created on the surface of the bone, under the chin tissues. The wound is then closed with absorbable stitches.

When the operation involves reshaping of the bone for augmentation, a segment of the chin point in the lower part is detached and moved forward, and then it is fixed in its new position.

Chin reduction

Reduction of the chin using a rotating bur does not involve any additional movement of the chin and does not require fixation with screws.

Once the chin point advancement or reduction has taken place, the soft tissues of the chin are reattached and resuspended to provide a balanced contour of the chin.

Following the surgery it is common to use supporting bandage that helps reduce the swelling.

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