Chin remodellingAesthetics

Facial aesthetics depend significantly on the balance between the features of the upper, mid-face and lower face. Because of this, for instance characteristics may be over-emphasised or partially masked because of overbearing adjacent features.


For example even a proportionate and well shaped nose can appear to be large on profile, if the chin is excessively small. Similarly a larger chin compared to the adjacent facial features reduces the harmony and creates imbalance.

Chin remodelling may take the form of augmentation or reduction and aims to help restore the facial balance.

Chin reduction

Chin reduction can be accomplished either by reshaping the contour of the lower jaw at the chin point, or by removing and repositioning the front of the chin. This process is referred to as reduction genioplasty.

Chin augmentation

Chin augmentation surgery aims to increase the projection and size of the chin either by means of implants or by advancing a section of the bone. The second technique, referred to as sliding genioplasty, can also be adapted to produce vertical adjustments of the facial dimensions.

Additional interventions

It is not uncommon for either of these interventions to be carried out in conjunction with facelift or neck lift surgery or nose reshaping.

Dental occlusion

An important consideration when planning for chin remodelling is to evaluate whether the dental occlusion (the way your teeth meet with the mouth closed) is correct.

If it is not, orthodontic interventions and possibly more complex surgery that helps align the upper and lower jaws may be the better intervention. This type of surgery is typically carried out by maxillofacial surgeons.

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