Chin remodellingRecovery after chin remodelling

As with all surgical interventions that take place under a general anaesthetic, if you are planning to go home the same day, you will need to make arrangements for an adult to accompany you home and stay with you through the first night.


When the chin remodelling surgery takes place through an incision placed inside the mouth, chewing places tension on the suture line and can lead to the wound breaking down. For this reason it is very important to adhere to a strict soft diet for the first week after the operation.

This involves eating food that does not require chewing, for instance food that can be put through a mixer. It is not necessary to have only liquid diet.


Swelling is expected after chin reshaping surgery and typically will take 10 to 12 days to improve. It is often helped by using an elastic garment to apply gentle pressure.


On discharge a course of antibiotics and painkillers will be prescribed. For pain relief medication it is important to avoid aspirin because it would promote bleeding and prolong the period of time it takes for the the area operated on to settle.

Oral hygiene

To maintain oral hygiene, an antiseptic mouthwash used four times a day can be sufficient. A soft toothbrush can also be used but it is preferable to avoid brushing the front lower teeth for the first week.

Physical activites

It is advisable to organise taking two weeks away from work to allow the swelling and bruises to settle to a point that is socially convenient.

Return to exercise is typically at three weeks with gentle progression such that by six weeks you should be able to resume normal exercise levels.

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